Staffing Solutions


Speed and flexibility are key when hiring for contract positions. Contract staffing roles that we have successfully filled include corporate offices, IT companies, E-commerce logistics, Telecoms, and various banking positions. Our IT professional contracting services include technical support, network administrator/engineer, and project management for major government, banking, and commercial projects. Reduce your personnel management costs as we will handle the employment process from end-to-end, covering salary negotiations, social insurance procedures, and payroll.

Welkin Staffing Solutions works with a variety of industries, providing qualified staffing in the following areas:

Administrative & Front desk

Accounting & Finance

Clerical & Legal

Professional Staffing

Technical Staffing

IT & BPO Projects

Marketing & Delivery

Manufacturing & Maintenance


Hospitality & Tourism

Hospital & Healthcare

Government Staffing


Welkin offers Temporary staffing services, where we help clients place their staff on our payroll and we completely administer the employee benefit plans for such staff for temporary projects in IT as well as non-IT organizations. We maintain a database of registered workers in various industries ready to plug the gap for you, be it for one day, a few days a week over a busy peak period, or even a few months while your permanent employee goes on an extended break. We also manage the necessary statutory data for these employees on temporary services. We can also provide industry standard benefits customized to the client’s requirements for ensuring parity in employee benefits between the company’s staff and temporary staff.


We offer RPO services of the complete hiring needs. From assessing resume to applicant screening, from the recruitment process to interview scheduling to on-board consulting, we take care of the hiring needs of the clients as per their values, goals, and culture. We help clients in searching, screening, and sourcing the apt talent for their business tasks.


If you are looking for project-based recruitments within less time, we are there to help your needs. We play a major role in finding you the right candidate, who fits the job and that too on a timely basis. We have a huge talent pool and are better placed to address your immediate hiring needs and assist you with getting the right kind of talent.

> Recruit talent on a per-project basis

> Quick access of huge talent database

> Accommodate a short-term need

> Cost effective, technology-driven hiring

> Fast turnaround time

> Genuine and the best candidates provided


Welkin’s Payroll Processing works in a fully automated & integrated environment by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating various deductions and taxes, and generating periodic payslips and employee tax reports.

 Web Based Time & Attendance Management

 Payroll, Reimbursement, Income Tax & separation Process

 Web based Query Management System

 Dedicated Employee Self Service Portal

 Salary information on mobile

 Multi-level Quality Control

 Post process Help desk & review


It is an established fact that soft skills/behavioral skills are as necessary as occupational skills and probably mandatory, in any profession. They form the long term backbone of any successful employee and consequently, any organization. At Welkin, we take pride in providing a constructive and enriching experience to our clients by providing essential support to the business, facilitating in nurturing human assets in the journey of its evolution and enhancement of skills and competencies of the people within.